The first big hiccup

Well… things cant always go right! 

No matter how easy this trip planning and big move has gone, Huck, my 2002 Nissan Xterra went to the doctors yesterday and he is sick. Huck needed new rear brakes, an oil change and now transmission work. 

I have such bad luck with vehicles and I wish I could ride a horse everywhere but that’s not a reality in this real world. So, after a panic attack over the phone with my mother and father separately, Huck got the okay to get fixed. I’m not happy about this, because of how expensive vehicles are but now I know that I’ll have a safe vehicle while up in MT. Hopefully we’ll survive the pending winter tundra together. (For those in warmer weather like myself right now, it’s still snowing in MT: they’re called snow showers. Which means, it snows throughout the night, and as the day goes on the snow melts until it’s not there anymore! It’s crazy!)

And now we can continue counting down the days, May 26th can’t come faster! 

With love,

Hannah Montana 🙂


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