19 days and counting

So it’s finally under 20 days! And my nerves are so real!

My house is a mess, my room is in shambles and my to do list is HUGE! After my big hiccup with my car, and many days without a vehicle and Huck being stuck at the Doctor’s, I finally have my car back and he’s running smoothly. Today I stopped by a UHAUL place to double check my tow package to see if my light hookup works, and my car will be able to tow a 5X8 trailer! All is good, and all is possible! This is a big victory because everything next is easy!

We have also finalized our trip up there plans! We will be leaving Texas on the 27th and driving straight through to Blanding, UT. I will have my sister, and my mother driving with us so we are confident in our drive straight to UT. Sunday, we will be an hour from Moab and we plan on visiting the Arches National Park. This is something I am super excited to do because I was planning on a trip there this summer anyways! This National Park has been on my must see list for some time now. So my adventure bones are pumped! Then after our escapades in UT, we will be headed to Idaho Falls. I’m not sure we will be able to see what I want to see there because we do need to continue to Anaconda, Mt. But that doesn’t mean I can’t visit there once I am settled into my new life up in Montana! My adventure bones are so excited to be where I am going to be because I am so close to so many National Parks. And the plans of buying a year National Park pass will allow many trips to these many parks! Are you excited? Because i’m stoked!

So now, with just being 19 days away from the big move, there’s more cleaning and packing to be done and tying up loose ends here in Texas. Not to mention saying goodbye to the many people I have surrounded myself here in Texas!

I did mention my nerves being out of whack recently because of this move, and I feel like I should mention those fears because a move like this will awaken some fears and i’m not necessarily ready for this move as much as I think I am or as much as others may think. I am terrified of being so far from my family. Everyday I think, oh hey I’ve been away from my family before but that’s only to places like summer camp or moving out of my mother’s house when I was 18 to a place 25 minutes away. Now, I will be a 25 hour drive, 1,700 miles away and a roundtrip plane ticket. That’s insanely far to me. And not to mention that I know NO ONE up in MT. I am going completely blind, and unattached. I won’t have those comfort friends to call up when I want to go grab a beer. I wont have someone to vent with when I get home from work on a rough day. This is going to be hard for me because I am so close with the people I surround myself with and I have never lived alone before. BUT I know I will meet friends, and new people to surround myself with. And I know my friends and family are a phone call or a skype video chat away. I know I can make this move work because i’m excited to start a entirely new life up there.

This move doesn’t feel real to me yet, but I know as the days get closer and the number left dwindles, I will start to feel it. And as nervous as I am, I am still extremely excited!



Hannah Montana 🙂


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