Updates as of Late

Goodness gracious what a whirlwind this has all been!

So let’s refresh… May 27th I left the great state of Texas for Montana. We made it safely and all in one piece in three days. This was a little bit longer due to the extra weight and the slower speeds we had to take through some rough passes and climbs of elevation. But again, we made it safely and in one piece. Thank the LORT.

I didn’t take many pictures due to the fact that I drove most of the way (yes that’s the control freak in me). But I was able to see the landscape and these beautiful places with my eyes and that’s all that matters!

the rig.PNG

So here’s the Rig (Montanans’ like to refer to cars as this, I think it’s cute). My mother, myself, my sister, Guy and Tallulah were in my car, and everything that I own was in the trailer in the back. To be honest, I didn’t think I was going to fit everything in there, but I did all thanks to my sister for her help packing it up with me during the hottest part of the day in Texas.

So like I said, this trip took us three days to do. It took forever to get through Texas, had a lil car hiccup too that wasn’t terrible. New Mexico was a dream, and same with parts of Utah. Holy moly did I fall in love with that landscape.


My mother was able to capture some amazing shots from the passenger seat including this one. Utah was a dream and Moab was incredible, I will return once I am able to accrue vacation time from work (I have to survive 6 months). Mulberry trees line the streets of Moab, thanks to the McDonalds lady who said we wouldn’t die of poisoning if we ate them, they were a great sweet treat!) Also Memorial Weekend is a horrible time to attempt to visit Arches National Park without much planning. The line to get in was at least an hour wait. Bleggh.

So once we got through Utah it was Idaho’s time to get conquered, and we drove straight through. By this point, I was tired of driving and being in the car. Guy and Tallulah were getting restless and we just wanted to get to Montana. When we finally reached Montana, it was dark and rainy. So we made the executive decision to stop in Dillon, MT and get a hotel for the night. Which was probably the smartest thing for us to do, because moving my bed into my house around a small neighborhood didn’t seem like a quiet or smart job at 2 am. So we rested, and we rested hard. I don’t really think we really exchanged words. Just some huffs and puffs and then snore central.

guy and tooters.PNG

Guy and Tallulah totally didn’t want to get up in the morning. But we did, and we drove through Montana. I immediately fell in love. It was flat in some parts, mountainous in others and it was just green. The views of the Rockies were incredible. Snow capped mountains off in the distance is one of my favorite sights to see. Let’s just say, from my house and my commute in the morning, I get to see those sights all the time. And it just makes my day so much better.

Okay, so let’s fast forward…. my house is cute and amazing and totally perfect for me and my animals so that’s awesome. Anaconda, MT is a cute little mountain town.

anaconda from above.PNG

Here’s a view of it from Mt. Carmel. My sister and I totally stumbled upon a cute cemetery nestled in the mountains and we were able to see this view. Absolutely breathtaking, and for the record, this picture was taken just after 8pm. So again, awesome.

My commute to the hospital is about 14 minutes, and the drive is just beautiful. So yeah you can say I’m falling in love with Montana. Everyone has been so extremely welcoming, from people at the grocery store I meet and people I meet at work. Even my patients, but we’ll see how quickly that’ll change. I haven’t reached the point of homesickness yet, but at times I do miss the heat. At night here it can get around 40 degrees. Wool socks and my space heater have saved me a couple of times. And the cold makes it hard to get up in the morning for work! But I’ll survive for now, the wintertime is another story.

So here ya go my friends, sorry this update has taken a little longer than I anticipated. I’ll be posting again soon about my Yellowstone trip and my introduction to working as a professional in a psychiatric hospital!

farewell friends,

Hannah 🙂


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