So as some of you may know last Summer I won a trip to backpack the back country of Yellowstone. I fell in love with Wyoming and this park. I even looked into what it would take to become a Park Ranger at this park after that trip. I was so inspired and so in love with everything about that trip.

Well while my mother and sister were in Montana with me, we made a trip to Yellowstone and got to explore some of the things that makes this park so incredible. I fell in love harder and it made me want to backpack the backcountry again!

Gosh darnit my friends, this park is just so dang beautiful. I feel so at peace here, and honestly, it’s my favorite place in the world. If I could get married here, I would. If I could birth a child here, I would smack dab in the middle of the woods (just kidding). If you haven’t been here, I HIGHLY suggest it. The history of the park and these certain attractions (Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone) bring so much life to this park. And of course a lot of tourists. It’s insane how many selfie sticks and peace sign selfies I saw here. But, to each his own.

This trip has also made me excited to explore what Montana has to offer. I went hiking the first weekend after my mother and sister left with a coworker and got to see some trails here in Anaconda, and have been lucky enough to hear about other places around here to explore. I’m excited to hike around, visit new parks and see new things. It helps having someone as a personal tour guide, thanks universe for aligning this match (literally!)

Here are some pictures I took at Yellowstone, I hope you enjoy them. But seriously, come here, visit, explore and be able to take pictures of your own. It’s so incredibly worth it!

Shalom y’all!



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