I guess it’s time

Yep, I guess it’s that time again for a Montanan update!


I guess I can get some sappiness out of the way first…


And I mean that full heartedly. I have found who I am supposed to be in life. I have never been this happy or content with life than I am now. Sure, I don’t make nearly as much as I should for the work that I do, but that doesn’t matter to me. I get by, and then some. I am not homesick, or hurting to be back in Texas (besides the food and the swimming holes, that’s what I miss the most). I know my family is safe, and I know that they know I am safe up here. I am stronger and healthier up here; mind, body, and soul. I have met people that have pushed me to do things that I never thought I would, like play softball and join the volunteer fire department. I feel a sense of community living in the town that I do, it’s such a small town that you are kind of obligated to feel this way, but it’s lovely.

The wilderness here is so pristine. It’s not like this in Texas. It’s also so wonderful to be able to hike and not be sweating waterfalls due to humidity. Being amongst the pines and the aspens bring me such happiness, two of my favorite trees. And have I mentioned the stars? Because SHOOT DANGIT, they are incredible. Never in my life has something made me cry the way the stars up here have. This weekend, I got to spend time in a place that the only sounds you here are the calls of the coyote, and the wind rustling through the trees. City light pollution isn’t a thing, except light coming from your own house or your neighbors. I saw the Milky Way. For the first time ever. Not on a picture. Not through someone’s lens. But with my own eyes. And I cried. And with each shooting star I saw, I squealed and did a lil dance, jumping out of pure joy. It was incredible.

Here are some of the pictures i’ve taken of the places i’ve hiked here in Montana:

Can you just see why I love it up here so incredibly much? This state makes me excited for the future of owning my own home, and building a life here. I have never felt so at peace and so at home than I do here (i’m pretty sure i’ve said this before).

Okay sappiness done for the moment:

Besides being happy about where I live and enjoying nature up here, work continues to challenge me. This last month here at work has really tested my thick skin and my purpose in life. Bottom line, I want to work in psychiatric settings and I want to continue to help people. My drive to go back to school has increased moving up here, even more than it was before. I want to continue challenging myself in every endeavor I take on in life, and school is one way I can do that. I have steered away from what I have wanted to do in the past and have moved onto something more. Clinical Psychology and Mental Health Counseling. Which is more clinical, obviously, than I have wanted to get in the past. My dreams have always changed but they still stay relevant at times. For those that don’t know me, and for the ones that read this that I do know, I am a person who always has her head in the clouds with dreams and aspirations. I wish I could be that person that has a degree in everything because I want to do and experience everything that I can. But one constant has always been the drive to help others. That will never change or falter.

Okay…. what more can I ramble on about…

Things that are coming up that I stoked about

A. TRAVELER’s REST: holy smokes i’m ready for this. So moving from a state that has the live music capital of the world, 45 minutes from my home, I was nervous about the live music here in Montana. I have met someone that has REMOVED that fear completely. He told me about this music festival that is happening very shortly, Traveler’s Rest. The Decemberists. Head and the Heart. Shakey Graves. Belle & Sebastian. Sylvan Esso. Real Estate. Julien Baker. What more do I have to say? I am ready to spend a weekend listening to great music, drinking great beer, and dancing with a cute boy (if you are reading this… you know who you are 😉 )

B. Wintertime: People think i’m odd for saying this, but i’m actually excited for snow. I haven’t been around it hardly, and it’s something i’m ready to experience. Snowball fights. Snowboarding. Building a snowman. Snow angels. Everything that has to do with snow. What I am not excited about is the driving in it. But luckily I was told I have snow tires already so that removes another fear I have, again thank you (you know who you are 🙂 ) I know I say I’m excited now, but probably once i’m a month or two or three in i’ll be begging for the Texas heat and humidity. But for now, i’m excited.

Goodness gracious, I feel like there’s more I can talk about. I’ll say that I am excited for the other hikes I have planned and a camping trip that will soon be planned and executed. I have fallen in love with Bozeman, Big Sky and I’m sure i’ll fall in love with Missoula. But for now, I’ll leave it at this. I am happy. I am thriving. I am enjoying life. I am enjoying the company I have been keeping. And I swear i’ve never smiled this much or cried at nature as much as I have. It’s been an eye opening experience, and I am so excited to see what more Montana has to hold and to see where this place takes me.

I’ll also leave you with a song that makes me giggle, and makes me miss Texas a lil bit. This popped up on my Spotify and has made me realize I enjoy silly country music like this song! I also wish I knew how to TWO STEP.

Head Over Boots – Jon Pardi

Tata for now!



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