Weekend Update


I have had such a great weekend, and now since I’m back to work it’s been a rough day…

So let’s start with the weekend

So ever since I can remember (like 8th grade an on) I have been obsessed with The Decemberists, and moving to Montana I never thought I would get the option to see them. Living so close to the Music Capital of the World in Texas, I never got the option to see them, but fate and luck happened! I happened to make a perfect match on a silly dating website, matching myself with someone who enjoyed the same things I do and has such a strong appreciation for good music like me. He mentioned a music festival that was happening and I had to look into it! Already making plans with him before we even had our first date, I was already excited for this potential weekend. But was reserved because I didn’t even know who this cute guy really was.

Well…. long story short, our first date (really the 40+ hours we hung out throughout 4th of July weekend) went so well, my silly dating profile was deleted and tickets for Traveler’s Rest were bought. And the excitement continued to grow.

And this weekend, both myself and this cutie patootie’s excitement were at an all time high. A weekend together, in a hotel room, in a cool city about to see some really cool bands, what more could you possibly ask for? Well the only thing I would have asked for was less smoke, the wildfires are INSANE in Montana right now, and it affected my lungs and throat greatly. But I didn’t let that stop my weekend from happening. Cute sundresses in tow, and the weekend began. Saturday the bands we were able to see were SHAKEY GRAVES from Austin (a lil piece of home), THE HEAD AND THE HEART, and of course, THE DECEMBERISTS. All this good music paired with the good beer of Big Sky Brewery made for the best dance moves and singing on the top of our lungs.

Sunday brought more great music, and more great beer. JULIEN BAKER, SYLVAN ESSO, BELLE and SEBASTIAN and again THE DECEMBERISTS!

I can’t get over the fact that I was able to see The Decemberists (DID I MENTION IT WAS FOR TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW???). This is a band that I have followed for so long, and obsessed over. They played my favorite songs, and I was able to dance my little heart out. And I was able to do this with someone who enjoyed it as much as I did dancing right next to me! I was a happy gal this weekend 🙂 !!!!

And I guess I should also mention the fact that I fell in love with Missoula! I was told it was going to happened, but I mean I fell for that city hard. The culture of it, the people, the sights, the breweries, I want it all. This is a place I can really see myself moving to. And the fact that the university there has graduate programs I am interested in, makes the draw even stronger. I just need to wait it out a little bit, and maybe this can be a thing. (I’m hoping it will be!)

This has been such a great weekend, and life up in Montana gets greater and greater everyday. I love that I can plan trips with someone who is willing to explore and get weird! SOMEONE WHO IS ALMOST AS WEIRD AS ME! I enjoy my time with him so much, it’s always a great time, and I can’t say thank you enough! All thanks to silly dates, silly outfits and a weird mouse rat man in a jail cell (don’t even ask)!

Well, this is all for now, I need to get back to work because catching up on my stuff needs to happen now and I need to not be procrastination queen.



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