Well this Texan Gal has experienced some snow

Yes! It’s true, I experienced snow. I fell asleep seeing flurries fall, not thinking that they would stick. And I woke up to a soft snow fall. On my drive to work, I couldn’t help but have my mouth agape, and just falling more in love with Montana. It was such a sight, but it was also freeeeezing. I’m not used to this cold at all, this is all something that I need to get quickly used to because this is only the beginning.

After a full work day, I returned to a home with a foot of snow surrounding it. And of course, I quickly let my dog out in it to see how he would react. He was twinkle toeing around it and not really getting through it. This is new for my pup, but his breed should be able to handle the cold. I also had to throw my cat into it and of course she shot right back into my house. She was not a fan of it, and did not like what I did to her. Later that night, I took my dog on a walk around the block. The snow was still falling and I was loving every second of it, despite the freezing temperatures. Guy started to like the snow more and more just like me. And by the end of our walk, he was darting through the snow. I, of course, started to throw snowballs at him and he was enjoying the heck out of that.

This small little snow day was just the beginning. The snow has melted in town now, but our mountains are beautifully dusted with a snowfall. There is something magical about seeing mountains with snow on them. It really kind of shows you how small you are, if you didn’t already think that.  This weird weather has also helped Montana with the wildfires some, which is amazing and wonderful and I hope it keeps on happening!

So here’s a few pictures of our fun random snow day!

Anyways, I guess it’s time for another update as of late…

Things have been going extremely well, and I’m currently love the life I am living. I’m surrounded by interesting and exciting people. There isn’t a time I am bored, or hating life. I constantly have a smile on my face, and I feel like I might be annoying people with my laughter. I can’t explain all the good in my life right now, but it’s incredible.

Things on the horizon:
This weekend, oh my stars, will be an eventful one. Explosions in the Sky in Spokane, and then Modest Mouse in Missoula. Like omg. And I get to hang with some really cool people? What more could anyone want out of a weekend?! Oh, and next weekend…. Nick Offerman in Missoula. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. My cheeks already are hurting.

I can’t go into too many specifics because I am still trying to ride these waves and see where they are taking me, but life is good y’all and I can’t complain about anything. Life is rad as fuck in Montana.

Au revoir Friends!


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